"I have many foot issues. I have neuropathy, am diabetic and have had several surgeries on my foot. I have been coming to Diabetic and Comfort Shoes for several years. They have a very pleasant, caring and professional staff. Their goal is to make the client more comfortable and have less pain and discomfort. They listen to their clients, answer questions and concerns, and then make recommendations that would provide the best results for their clients. I feel they provide services that would be impossible to find at a regular shoe store. I would highly recommend Diabetic and Comfort Shoes for any foot issue/problem you may have now or in the future."

Chuck R.
Cloquet, MN

I came to Diabetic and Comfort Shoes in March of 2003. I am a diabetic and my walking
was just beginning to be affected by my neuropathy. I did not really understand neuropathy,
but I did know that I had some blisters on my feet where my shoes were rubbing.

On my first visit my feet were measured and I stood on a machine that provided
a picture of my feet with pressure areas highlighted in different colors.. This was all new to me
and I noticed that my foot pain was very close to where the brightest colors were.

Christine showed me several kinds of shoes that would work well for the way I walked and
my pressure areas. When my shoes were delivered they were fitted and she watched me
walk in them. She made some adjustments and I left the store with a pair of shoes that felt wonderful.
I followed all of the instructions for breaking them in and Christine even called me at home to see
how they were working for me. My feet never felt better.

It's March of 2012 and I am still a client and cannot imagine getting my shoes anywhere else.
When I come in I am given the same attention I was given on that first day. I truly believe that the
reason I am still walking is due to the attention and guidance of wearing a shoe that fits the
needs of my feet.

Thank you Carie and your entire staff for your dedicated and caring service.

Kathy M.
Duluth, MN