Foot/Shoe Care Products

Powerstep pinnacle orthotics, Lynco orthotics, Powerstep Pro Orthotics, Gaitor full and half length orthotics, Tacco arch supports, ” heel lifts, corn protectors, metatarsal bars, toe cushions and spacers, hammertoe cushions, shoe laces, regular laces, ice grips for canes and or walkers, therapeutic foot lotion, wide arrangement of diabetic stockings.

  • Adjust-A-Lift Heels
  • Corn and Toe Protectors
  • Hammertoe Cushions
  • Ice Grips for Canes
  • Leather Spray (water and stain protector)
  • Orthotics: Custom molded
  • Orthotics: Custom fitted (Gaitors, Lynco, Powerstep)
  • Shoe laces:  regular, elastic and spring laces
  • Shoe horns (short and long)
  • Soft Feet PM Foot Cream
  • Socks: Seamfree, Loose Fit Top, and Diabetic Roomy socks
  • Tacco Arch Cushions, and Metatarsal Bars
  • Toe Spacers (Visco-Gel)



Diabetic shoes and inserts – a professional fitting to accommodate your feet with proper fitting diabetic shoes and diabetic inserts best suited for the individuals needs. Download our Diabetic Shoe Prescription Form

**Most private insurances companies follow Medicare’s guidelines and will provide therapeutic shoes and inserts for Diabetics. Please call your provider for details.

Professional shoe fittings – For the patient with more difficult foot situations we have a professional staff to assist and determine what needs you may have and accommodate these different situations.

Free Computerized Foot Analysis - The I-Step system is an easy-to-use, state-of-the-art pressure analysis diagnostic tool that compares the weight distribution from the left and right sides of the body which aid in our assessment.

Custom Foot Orthotics - Individual impressions taken of a person’s feet help us deliver accommodative and biomechanical support to help the feet function better absorb and distribute shock, work to provide relief from pain and daily stress, which helps benefit total body alignment and postural complaints while protecting the feet from injury.

Arizona Braces - An ultra lightweight, custom made brace that fits easily into a comfort shoe. It helps stabilize the ankle area, the talocalcaneal, mid-tarsal and subtalar joints. This brace is used in the management of: posterior tibialis tendon dysfunction (PTTD), ankle, subtalar or midtarsal trauma, drop foot, arthritis of the foot and ankle, degenerative joint disease (DJD), post-op ankle surgery and Charcot Foot.

Internal and External shoe lifts - Internal heel lifts are used to manage leg length discrepancies of 1/2" or less.  For patients with a discrepancy of more than 1/2" we will build the lift on the outside sole of the shoe. 

Custom Molded Shoes – For the patient who has been unable to find proper fitting shoes because of specific foot conditions we can make shoes to accommodate these situations. The custom shoes are made by taking a plaster cast of one's foot, sent off and transformed into stylish footwear that satisfies both the patient and the practitioner.


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