* DO see your doctor regularly and have your feet examined at each visit. Take your
   shoes and stockings off at every visit.
* DO keep your blood sugars in check.
* DO see a podiatrist regularly if you are unable to trim your own toenails.
* DO wear properly fitted stockings and footwear recommended by your doctor.
* DO wash your feet daily and dry them well, especially between the toes.
* DO apply a thin layer of lotion or cream to your feet each night, this will help
   your feet from becoming dry.
* DO inspect your feet and toes daily for cuts, blisters, and scratches. If unable to
   see bottom of feet you can use a mirror or have a family member help you.
* DO notify a physician immediately if anything appears wrong during one of your feet checks.
* DO Inspect the inside of your shoes for foreign objects, protruding nails, and
   torn linings.
* DO wear shoes that are leather and lace or Velcro rather than slip on.
* DO be active Ė walking (with proper footwear) is great exercise.
* DO ask your physician if they can recommend a Diabetes Educator for you.
* DO learn all you can about Diabetes.

* DONíT walk around barefoot or with just stockings, always wear shoe wear.
* DONíT wear high heels, pointed shoes, or thong sandals.
* DONíT soak your feet it can dry out your skin.
* DONíT wear garters or stockings with seams.
* DONíT smoke or cross your legs for long periods of time as this decreases the blood flow to
   your feet.
* DONíT wear shoes without stockings.
* DONíT use anything with extreme temperatures such as heating pads or hot
water bottles.
* DONíT use adhesive tape on the skin of your feet.
* DONíT cut corns or calluses, or use chemical agents for their removal.
* DONíT trim nails with clippers, instead use an emery board.

At Diabetic and Comfort Shoes each shoe is carefully reviewed and selected by our trained medical staff to provide the best quality and selection.